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King Law Group Newsletter - Winter 2016
Bringing in the New Year for Winter 2016 are several articles discussing legal topics relevant to the modern consumer. You can never truly be aware of how much your auto insurance policy may cover unless you speak with an attorney on your side after you've been involved in a car accident. It gives detail about particular cases in which auto insurance policies have covered incidents the everyday driver would know to be covered. Other topics include the importance of seeking attorney assistance when creating a will, how seemingly informal email agreements can sometimes be legally binding, and the rights of temporary workers in the workplace. The final article in this issue discusses the benefit of extended families for HomeReady mortgages.
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Prior Newsletter Topics

King Law Group Newsletter - Fall 2015
The last newsletter of 2015 addresses the importance of having a prenuptial agreement when entering into a second marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a valuable way to protect your children, your assets, and your business interests from potential disagreements that may arise in cases of death or divorce. Other notable topics include the prevalence of nursing home abuse and neglect, mortgage interest deductions when a home is jointly owned by individuals filing separate tax returns, and the potential for eligible overtime pay for individuals who answer e-mails and text messages when they are considered "off the clock."
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King Law Group Newsletter - Summer 2015
Our Summer 2015 Newsletter covers a range of topics pertinent to the legal world today. The subjects found in this issue include: "Should divorcing couples sell their house?", "What you need to know if you're thinking of retiring abroad", "Nursing homes may be overprescribing antipsychotic drugs", Family and Medical Leave law now covers gay marriage", "Employees' gifts and prizes can result in a tax bill", and "Sale of business interests can trigger a surprise tax result".
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Federal Advertising Guidelines for Businesses
This article addresses a few of the methods in which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) addresses unethical business practices in the manner of which certain types of business advertise. They include the practices of deception, unfairness, and comparative adds. It also illustrates these practices through referencing true examples such as 'Bait-and-Switch' credit card offers and misleading casino offers.
Federal Advertising Guidelines for Busin[...]
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Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts
The Federal Arbitration Act attempts to level the playing field between employers and employees bound together in employment contracts in terms of how disputes are resolved that are deemed fair to both individuals and large businesses. It is important for employees to know their rights, how the cost of settling a dispute is handled, and the distinction between arbitration and litigation.
Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contra[...]
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Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan
Estate planning can often seem like foreign territory to those not familiar with the overall process. Although many Americans feel they know what their estate consist of, they often misunderstand the direct benefits of a life insurance even with the looming aspect of the federal estate tax. This article puts the process and the various factors involved with life insurance in simple terms.
Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estat[...]
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